Update on Dean Varona

Dear Students,

Much has transpired since the President’s announcement about Dean Varona’s termination as Dean of our law school. Countless articles and statements have been released, so we compiled many of them below for your reference.

The SBA is monitoring the situation closely alongside the law faculty. There is a good chance that an interim dean will be named soon, as Dean Varona’s termination is effective July 1st. We are hopeful that we will have more information next week, as the faculty is consulting with President Frenk this week. Therefore, the SBA tentatively plans to host an informal meeting next week (details TBD) to discuss the situation as well as any new information.

In the meantime, if you would like to write a letter or statement on behalf of yourself, a group of students, and/or an organization, we were told that you should use these three addressees:

  1. President Julio Frenk (president@miami.edu and jfrenk@miami.edu)
  2. Provost Jeffrey Duerk (jeffrey.duerk@miami.edu)
  3. Board of Trustees Chair Laurie Silvers (laurie.silvers@gmail.com)

List of Articles and Statements:

Letter to Frenk from Dean Varona’s Attorney: https://www.scribd.com/document/509614911/Letter-to-Frenk

Faculty Senate Resolution: https://www.scribd.com/document/509615021/Faculty-Senate-Resolution

The Florida Bar (hyperlinking to the Miami Herald): https://www.floridabar.org/news/dns/?date=20210527

The Miami Hurricane: Faculty senate unanimously passes resolution calling for reinstatement of law school dean 


Miami Herald: UM law vice dean resigns in protest after dean’s firing https://account.miamiherald.com/paywall/subscriber-only?resume=251726048

Law.com: University of Miami Faces Backlash After Forcing Out Popular Law Dean 


Law.com Ousted Miami Law Dean Claims University President Defamed Him


Letter From Alumni Leaders of the University of Miami School of Law


AALS Section on Minority Groups Executive Committee Open Letter in Support of Miami Law Dean Anthony E. Varona 


The College Post: University of Miami Terminates Law School Dean, Faces Backlash


Inside Higher Ed: University of Miami Ousts Law Dean


Miami Herald: University of Miami fires law school dean Tony Varona

University of Miami fires law school dean Tony Varona | Miami …https://www.miamiherald.com › local › article251694843 

TaxProf Blog: University Of Miami President Fires Tony Varona After Less Than Two Years As Dean; Tenured Faculty Protests Decision; Varona’s Lawyer Says He Will Contest The Firing


ABA Journal: Florida law dean hopes school will rescind his firing; faculty resolution also supports him. 


Miami Herald: UM Law alumni blast Frenk after he fires Dean Tony Varona


Law.com: Was This Law Dean Fired Because He’s Gay? His Supporters Want Answers


Miami Herald: UM, the wall of silence won’t work. We need more transparency on law school dean firing


TaxProf BlogUniversity Of Miami President Fires Tony Varona After Less Than Two Years As Dean; Tenured Faculty Protests Decision; Varona’s Lawyer Says He Will Contest The Firing


The Faculty Lounge: More on Tony Varona


Reddit: University of Miami Fires Law School Dean Without Warning or Explanation, Drama Ensues

University of Miami fires law school dean without warning or explanation, drama ensues from LawSchool

VBLSA: Florida legislation dean hopes college will rescind his firing; college decision additionally supports him


RedefinED: https://www.redefinedonline.org/2021/05/district-revises-equity-statement-coronavirus-cases-in-schools-1000-bonuses-for-educators-and-more/

Reason: The Risk When Law School Deans Go Woke


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